Elementary school for highly sensitive child

What are good independent elementary schools around Oakland/Berkeley that support highly sensitive children (have a social-emotional emphasis and smaller class size, for example)? Thanks!

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I strongly encourage you to check out Walden Center & School. Our eldest is a sensitive soul - and also let us know that she was trans just before she turned four - so finding a school that would nurture her & support her socio-emotional learning was #1 on our list. We have been thrilled with Walden for her elementary years (she's a newly minted second grader). It's a smaller school (80 - 90 students total), with extremely supportive staff and teachers, and just a lovely community overall. My child and her classmates play & interact so well together (it was something all of the parents were remarking upon during our end-of-the-year class camping trip), and I know that's due to the focus the school brings in helping them learn to kindly advocate for themselves within the community while also respecting and caring for their fellow classmates & friends. 

We have been extremely happy at Aurora. Class sizes are small and social-emotional learning is very important part of their curriculum. We love the mixed grade classes - getting to stay in the same class for 2 years was fantastic for our child that does not like changes. The older kids in the class were extremely helpful and empathetic when she was struggling at times K year, and she learned from their excellent behavior and hopefully was able to help the younger kiddos. She has friends in her class and above and below, as well as made friends with older kids through partner pals and in aftercare. We love that it is a small community where everyone knows our kid and we know the teachers/staff. Academically she is doing well and lots of great extracurriculars as well.