Elementary school art tutor - comic / manga / anime style?

Hi - our 4th grader is really developing a strong drawing style along anime / cartoon lines.  I'd like to find her a class or tutor; ideally in-person in the east bay (near Berkeley).  Any suggestions?

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Liv and Chiu is really great. They used to be on 4th St in Berkeley and now they're in El Cerrito, I think. My daughter took a few classes there and is now majoring in graphic design in college. https://www.livandchiuartstudio.com/

Chapter 510 recently offered a comics-making workshop for 3rd-5th graders - I don't see it on their website now, so maybe it's over, but you could see if they have any upcoming offerings: https://www.chapter510.org/workshops/. If you have a way to find them there are probably a lot of teens out there who could tutor her in anime style - when I taught art that's all anyone wanted to draw. Maybe you could ask local high school art departments if they have anyone to recommend? If you don't have any luck finding an in-person class or tutor, there are some good books out there about anime and cartooning, or online classes like Skillshare (https://www.skillshare.com/en/browse/anime).


Liv & Chiu Art Studio in El Cerrito offers after school/weekend art classes.  Classes includes but not limited to graphic novel, observational drawing, painting, clothed figure drawing, portrait drawing and animation!  Please check out the website: livandchiuartstudio.com

Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.