Electrician recommendation for installing outlet and EVSE

Hi there -- we just purchased a new Nissan Leaf and are looking to have an electrician install a 240v outlet on the side of our house -- and potentially also install an EVSE.  Does anyone have any recommendations? 

Also, does anyone have any tips or suggestions about applying for permits for this type of work.


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Hey, we are in the process of installing solar and updating our whole house's electric, and getting the charging station for our E-Golf. We hired Green Air for the work and they've been incredible. The price is reasonable too - based on 2 quotes on the electric and 5 quotes on solar.


Good luck!

I suggest calling Fighting Amish Electric, and scheduling a (free) quote appointment as a first step. They can give you a better idea if permits would be required for the work (my guess would be yes). 

We used them for our service upgrade, as well as a number of other projects, and have been really happy with the work.

John Merriman is the best! He replaced an electrical panel in our home and was great to deal with in every way. We have never owned a home before and were completely clueless - he  helped me figure out weird old wiring in our house and was very patient with all my questions. His contact info is:

JM Electric|510-295-5765|www.JMelectricworks.com| J_merriman [at] att.net|

We use Mars General Electric - 415.412.6798

They are great but are in San Francisco.

You will need a Level 2 charger and the work has to be permitted. Our was done by Metin at Ally Electric and Solar and they pulled the permit. 

You can reach Metin at 510.559.7700 or email msaglam [at] allyelecteicandsolar.com.

First thing you need to know is if your house's electrical system can handle another 220v circuit.  

Were you told you can get on one of the EV rate plans with PG&E?  When we purchased our EV we switched and found the amount we were paying on our electric bills dropped between $50 to $75 every month and this included the extra electricity we were buying to charge the car.

If you decide to have solar installed be very careful.  I have talked to over 30 solar companies and can't find one that ACTUALLY knows how to size a solar system for someone who is on PG&E's EV rate plan.  Every solar "expert" I have talked to doesn't know how to size properly if you are on an EV rate plan.  PG&E EV rate plan is so favorable to EV car owners you only need a solar systems that's less than half of what the solar "experts" say you need.  This will save you over $14,000 in the initial installation cost.  And you won't be overproducing electricity and having to give to PG&E nearly for free.  Last 5 quotes I received had us giving PG&E $95,000 to $130,000 in free electricity for over designing a system.  

Remember if you are on an EV rate plan and have solar as PG&E's rates increase you will need less panels.  I have yet to meet a solar "expert" who understands this.