Electric Mow & Blow services?

We are looking for once- or twice- a month gardeners who do not use gasoline-powered equipment. We have minimal landscaping--we're really just looking for mow and blow services. Any recommendations? Information on rates/cost is much appreciated. Thank you!

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I live in Berkeley where gas blowers are illegal, so for a few years I've been using Joel Garcia every week. He uses an electric blower as well as a rake and broom. My yard is very small so this may not be relevant for what you would pay, but I pay Joel $40 week. It takes 2 guys about 15 minutes to clean up my front and back yard and driveway. I don't ask them to prune or weed because I like to do that myself, but I think they will if you ask for that. He is very easy to communicate with by text and he uses Venmo. Joel's mobile: 925 826-9600