El Cerrito to St Helena Hospital

Which areas of El Cerrito are near the Bart for my daughter to go to Berkeley. I also want  to know  if commute from Elcerrito to StHelena Hospital is doable as I will start work at St. Helena Hospital . Also can you recommend good rental apartments in ElCerrito.

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Del Norte and El Cerrito Plaza are the 2 BART stations in El Cerrito. Finding a good rental at a reasonable price is very difficult these days, you might consider expanding your search to Richmond as well. Some areas are very nice and are within walking/biking  distance to BART. El Cerrito to Napa is a pretty long commute but it might not be too bad if you're working the morning shift since you'd be going in the non-commute direction. But if you're working PM's (leaving El Cerrito after 3pm)  you'll hit some traffic on 80-W.Try driving the route before you start work to see what you think.