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Hi! I'm a new mom to a 4 week old baby boy living in El Cerrito (just moved from Berkeley a couple weeks before baby arrived). I'm having a hard time finding a local moms group and am looking for other moms nearby to get together, share experiences, hang out, whatever! I've heard great things about the facilitated moms groups Support Group For Mothers in Albany and Birthways in Berkeley, but they are either full or not starting until much later in the summer. Are there any new (or not so new!) moms out there in El Cerrito or close by who could also use some camaraderie and companionship with our little ones this summer?  I hope so! Looking forward to connecting, 

Laurel (Jaspers mom)

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I just noticed on 510families that there was a babywearing fitness class in El Sobrante today - maybe there will be more? There's also a few different EC parent facebook pages that seem to skew either elementary-age or babies that you can search for.

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Hi Laurel. Congratulations on your little one! My baby is a bit older and I'm back at work, but I highly recommend checking out Loving Arms Childbirth Services on San Pablo Ave. They have parent-baby yoga classes, lactation services, and an amazing meet-up group called Weight Check Wednesdays where you can go and get your baby weighed and hang out and breastfeed. It's a great place to meet other moms and babies. It was a high point of my week when I was on maternity leave and I made some good friends there. 

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Hi Laurel! I am a FTM in El Cerrito too. My LO is 7 months old and I went back to work a month ago but I would love to meet more moms. Did you hear from others? Maybe we can all meet up at a park sometime?

Let me know!


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Laurel -- I am not yet the mom to a tiny baby (she's due in about 3 weeks) but I would love to stay apprised of any response you get to this :) I live in Pinole and am also eager to meet other new moms and compare experiences.