El Cerrito gardener and tree trimmer?

Hi all,

I am looking to have someone clean up our front, back, and side yards. We have some overgrown bushes, rose bushes, and trees that we want cut back, plus dead growth in the sidewalk cracks near our house and many fallen leaves.

I’d love to know what the going rate is for getting this kind of yard work done and if folks have anyone they’d recommend.

It hasn’t worked out for me to keep up with the yard work and childcare while my spouse and I both work other jobs.


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We have an excellent gardener/landscaper (family-run).  They do it all- gardening, brush clearing, tree-trimming, and the finer details.  Leader's name is Luis.  Email is lgardella20 [at] hotmail.com  and phone is 510 847 0411  (www.gardellagardening.com).  We also both work and will go months without significant maintenance.  They were able to resurrect and now maintain our garden/backyard :)