East Bay Public School Options

My family and I are currently in the Oakland area, and while the elementary school in our area is well-rated and well-thought of, the middle school and high school options are abysmal. We are considering moving to Lafayette, Orinda, San Ramon, Walnut Creek or Alameda where there are stronger K-12 options (at least, according to test scores/ratings). In terms of the actual neighborhood, we've spent the most time in Alameda so I lean toward moving in that direction, but I know the least about the Alameda school district. I'd very much appreciate hearing your personal experiences with living in any of these neighborhoods and your (and your children's) experience with the public schools. As a side note, as a biracial family, diversity (both in terms of ethnicity and socioeconomic) are important factors we're keeping in mind as well in deciding our next move. Thanks in advance.

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Why not Berkeley? Berkeley public schools are very good, especially its high school. And Berkeley will be more diverse than most of the towns on your list.