East Bay Prenatal Care w/Delivery at UCSF

Hi community,

Are there any medical groups that provide prenatal care in the east bay with delivery at UCSF? I had a horrible experience at Alta Bates and won't go back, but don't want to have to commute to SF for all the prenatal appointments.

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UCSF has an outpatient OBGYN clinic at the John Muir Health location on San Pablo. However, right now they only have one OB there (and no midwives or NPs) and scheduling is a nightmare because of it. The doctor who does prenatal appts is named Dr. Ashley Jeanlus. I still had to do about half my appts in SF (Mission Bay and Mt. Zion) but finally got on the schedule for Dr. Jeanlus eventually. You also have to do all scans at Mission Bay, so there is some travel, but it's not every appointment. Feel free to DM me if you need more info.