earthquake retrofit contractor?

Hello neighbors, has anyone recently done an earthquake retrofit on their foundation? Do you have a good contractor recommendation? - someone familiar with the CEA Brace & Bolt program for paperwork etc?  Especially if you have a 1920s stucco house with a soft story garage+ room above set up...

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If you are in Berkeley, Dave Ford is great. He did our retrofit (soft story room above garage, stucco) and we were very happy with it. Website is Caveat that if you are not in Berkeley he may never reply back...

We just used Bay Area Retrofit, and they've been incredibly thorough and great to work with. 


Hi Shelbysmom,

We used Bay Area Retrofit The website speaks for itself in terms of how experienced they are, and their pricing was very competitive.

We got selected for the EB+B program too and the process was really painless. I think I actually wrote in to thank them for providing such a great program.

For what it's worth, we also got asked by EB+B afterwards to help with some media to promote their program. This is us in the LA Times:

As part of the filming for that, the Chief Mitigation Officer from the CEA (and Structural Engineer) Janiele Maffei actually walked through our retrofitted basement and gave it the thumbs up, so I guess that's as much certainty as we can get at this point.

Hope that helps!

Yes! We did this about a year ago with the EBB program for our 1923 Craftsman house. We used Brian Bouchard with Golden Gate Seismic and Structural:
He was very professional and efficient and was able to fix a foundation issue we had too while he was in there. He also bid much lower than our other bid. Good luck!