E &F construction for big retrofit project?

Hello parents, we have a soft story - bedroom above the garage- so we have to do a major construction project to retrofit our house. We are considering working with E&F construction and I was wondering if any other parents could share experiences with this company. Thank you!

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I'm working with E&F on exactly this project right now. We have a split level house with our bedroom over the garage and a crawl space under the living room/dining room/kitchen. Our seismic retrofit includes installation of two wall panels at the front of the garage and adding plywood sheathing the cripple walls in the crawl space. In addition to the seismic retrofit we're also doing our stucco/dry rot repairs. I'm a structural engineer, so I did the engineering for the project and hired E&F when the design was about 75% complete. Tony took care of the submittal to the city and helped with our EBB documentation. It took a little longer than I was originally expecting to actually get a start date on the project, but I was slow on some of my engineering work, so I really can't complain. All along the way, Tony has been good to make sure we're on track for our EBB grant money.

Since construction has started, most of my communication has been with Juan the foreman onsite and his superintendent Paul. They have both been great to work with. I usually check in with Juan before leaving for work every morning, and any larger questions go to Paul. Communication with both of them has been easy, and the work to date looks great. We're only about half way done right now, so I imagine I'll have more thoughts mid December, but so far so good!