Dyslexia specialist tutor for a 9 year old?

Hi all, my 9 year old was just diagnosed with dyslexia, and I'm searching for an educational specialist / tutor so he can get some extra support.  The school recommended a few educational specialists, but I've searched the BPN archives and haven't found any information on them.  They are:

Arla Samuels

Janet Stuhl

Polly Mayer

Betty Peterson

If anyone has had experience working with one of them - good, bad, indifferent - I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks very much!

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Hi - My son also was identified at age 9 to have dyslexia. He worked with Jamie Keller, an educational therapist located in Berkeley. She taught him how to read and write. And he loved his sessions with her. They were fun, and she’s very kind and supportive. He’s now a sophomore at Oakland Tech and in their Padeia English/social studies program and is doing very well with advanced curriculum. You can get Jamie’s contact info on her website: www.learnwithme.com

A very close friend and I raised daughters together and her daughter was also dyslexic and saw Toby Mickelson. When my daughter was diagnosed with clinical depression and ADHD, she also saw Toby. Toby was incredibly helpful to both girls and I highly recommend her. http://www.tobymickelson.net/

Best wishes for a positive experience. 

My son, a dyslexic, has worked with Polly and Janet and has enjoyed working with both. They are both educational therapists which is more than a tutor  - they really understand learning differences in children.  My son has been working with tutors and ed therapists since K and it makes a huge difference. Feel free to reach out to me with questions.