Duck's Nest Berkeley Environment Quality?

Has anyone had issues with the physical environment at the Duck's Nest Berkeley location?  We went to tour and the school was absolutely fantastic, but it's in a very industrial area.  I'm concerned about the smoke from the wood shop next door for our toddler who has mild respiratory issues.  There also seems to be a lot of background noise from the brewery across the street.  Has this been a concern for anyone else?  Thanks!

Parent Replies

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My daughter is in her second year at Duck’s Nest. We haven’t noticed any air quality issues from the neighboring businesses. During the fire seasons, when air quality was a major issue, the administration was communicative about their plans to keep children inside as needed and to even close the school if they felt they couldn’t ensure good air quality inside (older building). 

the bigger noise concern I had was the train that blasts its horn when approaching Gilman, several times a day. But it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Once inside the classrooms Ive never notice the train or industrial sounds. My daughter naps way better there than at home, so it’s apparently  not disturbing them.