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Hello, I am looking for recommendations for a gate designer and builder who can replace the gate across our driveway. We are looking to improve privacy and would like something with a trellis or arch so we can grow vines over it. I see lots of gorgeous examples around Berkeley and am hoping to find a local builder/craftsperson who has a good eye for design and can advise us. Thanks for any recs!

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No recommendations, but just wanted to advise that you check the zoning regulations in your city regarding fence height, and also keep your neighbor adjacent to your driveway in the loop.  There are height limits for fences and gates, and if you exceed those limits, especially if your neighbor isn't on board, you may face issues later. If the driveway is on a corner (not next to a neighbor), note that the height limits are lower near public sidewalks and especially at corners/intersections - for traffic safety.

RE: Driveway Gate Design/Builder ()

I recommend talking to Lazar Landscape. They have several talented designers and they do all the build work themselves. We live in Berkeley and they recently did an upgrade on our driveway and front gate as part of a retaining wall project. The designer we worked with from Lazar, Lisa Anusasunanan, created the most beautiful design and guided the project through the permit process and during the build. A word of caution: if you live anywhere near a fire zone, which is half of Berkeley, you may not be allowed to do a wood trellis. Lazar will know - they are based in Oakland and familiar with Berkeley code rules.