Dr. Sarin (Kaiser Pinole) or Dr. Oparin (Kaiser Berkeley)

Hi there.  My young-adult son's Kaiser doctor is leaving his practice, and we are looking for recommendations for a replacement.  My son has been going to Kaiser Pinole (where Dr. Sarin looks like a great option), but we are actually much closer to Berkeley (where the only male M.D. choice seems to be Dr. Oparin, about whom I can't find much information).  We are hoping to find a personable-but-straightforward, knowledgeable, male family-medicine doctor (or internist) who doesn't mind giving reasonable amounts of advice by e-mail, can work with a shy teen who's not eager to talk about medical issues, and is willing to refer things to specialists when necessary.  Also open to other male-M.D. suggestions at Kaiser Berkeley, or to anyone who wants to insist that Dr. Sarin is worth the longish drive.  Thanks!

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Our longtime family medicine doctor at Kaiser Pinole left recently and my husband switched to Dr. Sarin who has been great. My husband has chronic health issues and has been really happy with Dr. Sarin so far. We are pretty much equidistant to Berkeley or Pinole, though. The nice thing about Pinole is that it is really easy to get to (as long as you aren't going during evening rush hour heading East on 80) and there is always plenty of parking.

My teenage sons see Dr. Fu at the new KP Berkeley office (https://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/ncal/providers/alexfu) and find him easy to reach and talk to.

I have had Dr. Oparin as my primary GP doctor at Kaiser for more than 6 years now. He is friendly and gives the needed referrals. For me the referrals have been mainly to physical therapy, which other Kaiser doctors just forego and give me an ibuprofin prescription. I once brought in a list of supplements that I take, which he went over with me and made recommendations (of those to discontinue and those that might be helpful).

He's older -- maybe 50's or 60's -- so I don't know if he'd be a fit for your son, but is easy to work with and attentive to my concerns. He's not one of those doctors racing out of the exam room in 15 minutes (which I've also had, but not at Kaiser). From USSR originally, though his English shows that he's been here forever.

Hope this helps.

Mary E

In re: Dr. Oparin,

I should also have said that he's fine with phone visits, emails, etc. His office staff manage the emails but he gives the advice/prescriptions/etc.