Downtown Oakland YMCA Childcare

Has anyone had recent experience with the downtown Oakland YMCA childwatch for infants (2 months +)? Would love to be able to get back to the gym!

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I'm not sure they take infants quite that young, I seem to remember it being 3 or 6 mos. Admittedly it's been awhile - our son is 5 yrs old - but we utilized the DTO Y Child Watch as soon as we could. He loved it, and still does - the staff is great!

We’ve gone frequently over the last few years. It’s cheap and they’ll watch your kid while you work out so it has been a godsend to my mental and physical health. That said, my experiences have ranged from terrible to good. The providers are a mixed bag and it’s hard to know who you will get. They’re often late or seem unsupported so sometimes there will be like 10 small kids with one adult. They use screens more than I would like and I’ll find my kids watching some cartoon. They’ll call me to pick up early because they can’t manage my kids (age appropriate) behavior. I can’t say it’s quality child care. But my kids seem relatively safe and happy and it makes a huge difference to me to be able to use it.  

An addition to my previous response- if you can go weekday mornings it’s usually pretty chill and there’s a lovely woman usually there named josefina who seems to be experience and competent with infants