Doula for planned C-section

In a planned C-section, what is the role of the doula? Have other women found it helpful to have a doula, or not really necessary? I’ll have my husband and in-laws for help, but wondering if I should also try to have a doula...

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I had a doula for what ended up being a planned c-section and I have mixed feelings about it. I gave birth at Kaiser Oakland which was overflowing with birthing women when my birth was scheduled. They only have about 8 birthing rooms which is often not enough for their capacity. Because of that I wasn’t brought into surgery until 4:00am almost 48 hours after I had begun the required fast. It was really hard to not eat for two days at 9 months pregnant and that was when I found our doula most helpful. Just having her there rubbing my head and feet, supporting me to advocate for myself, dealing with my waiting family was really helpful. But other than moral support while waiting  she had no other purpose. Only one person is allowed in the surgical room with you, which I imagine will be your husband. If I had it to do again I would keep her for the prenatal support but not the birth. PS Even though the wait was crazy the experience was still an ok one. Congratulations!!!!!!! Im happy to answer more questions if you would like.

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I had a planned c-section, and was originally planning to have a doula, but once we realized we were on this route we chose not to use her for the delivery. Looking back on it I wouldn't have had a need for her.

We got to the hospital about 2 hours (I think?) before the planned delivery, did a bunch of prep things, then made our way to the OR, and soon thereafter I had a baby! :) It was very easy. And the two nurses I had were hugely supportive as well. 

Save the money for a night nurse ;)

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I have had a planned c-section, and I can only speak from the perspective of not having a doula. It went fine just having my partner and all of the wonderful medical staff/team at Kaiser. I never felt like I needed a doula. 

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I had a scheduled c-section with my second child last summer. I didn't have a doula (though I didn't with my first either, and that birth wasn't a c-section). I think the only part where a doula could help is if you go into labor before the c-section. Otherwise, once you go to the hospital, they prep you for the OR, and the surgery is relatively quick. Consider saving the money for a birth doula, and spending it on a post-partum doula instead. Good luck!