DOT Permit to move into Oakland Hills

Hi East Bay network:

My husband and I have just bought a home on Skyline Blvd in the Oakland Hills (2 lane, windy road). And given our limited driveway, our movers truck will likely block one lane of the two-lane street for 4-5 hours.

Do we need to secure moving and/or obstruction permits? This is our first time moving in Oakland and we are unfamiliar with what is required. The City of Oakland website says we should apply for a DOT Traffic Control Plan (10+ days), then once we have that, apply for a separate obstruction permit. But this seems excessive. Do most home owners in the area go through this process when they are moving in and moving out?

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Yes, in your situation you definitely need the permit. Many people who don't get obstruction permits either know their neighborhood has readily available street parking so finding a spot won't be an issue, or are comfortable trying to park in the spot(s) they will need the day before to save them. But you are talking about blocking an actual travel lane on a major road, not just trying to find a parking spot--that's a quite different situation because traffic management is often needed. If you call DOT, the City can walk you through the process, though. Definitely not worth risking either the fines or, more significantly, the liability of doing it without the permit.