Donations of clothes, books, household items during SIP

Does anyone know where clothes (adult and children), kids' books, toys, and other household items can be donated during the shelter-in-place?  We usually bring our things to the El Cerrito Recycling Center, but it is closed during the shelter-in-place.

Thank you!

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I think the Bay Area Rescue Mission is still accepting clothing. You might contact their warehouse to see if they are accepting other items (I don't think they accept toys though).

Try the Nextdoor app! We get rid of a ton of clothes/furniture we don’t want anymore that way. When someone wants to pick something up, we usually just leave it on the porch, too, so you are still able to social distance. 

Gently-used children's books (up through 8th grade reading level) can be donated to the African Library Project.

Their usual model is to recruit volunteers to collect 1,000 books + $500 for shipping but they can also connect you with someone in the Bay Area who is doing a book drive currently. I know someone in Oakland who is doing one right now. You can message me via BPN and I will connect you.