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Hi all,

We have an otherwise wonderful large mutt who is 9 years old (likely some bully breed in there), but in the past few years, and especially since having our baby he has separation anxiety when left at home and is dominant and sometimes aggressive with other dogs. We are wondering if anyone has a trainer in the area that have helped their dog? Or a pack type dog walker who is also a trainer? We'd love to be able to take him to a dog park, let him off leash on hikes, etc without the worry of him causing trouble. He's starting to make it difficult to live our lives! 

Thank you! 

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I am a big fan of the Oakland Dog Training Club (I've taken both of my dogs there to get their Canine Good Citizen training and our rescue dog became a therapy dog after our work there). I also strongly disrecommend Mahogany Gamble of the Balanced K9 - she lost one of our dogs on a pack walk and both of our dogs were injured under her care while boarding (one needing multiple courses of IV antibiotics to treat a wound she failed to notice and/or report - I have pictures I can share with anyone interested). 

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ive heard they are very good, very caring!

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I highly recommend the trainer we used with our dogs.  He's excellent.  Mike Wombacher of Dog Gone Good.  You can find out more about him on his website  Good luck! 

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We just adopted a rescue and she is reactive to some dogs. Not jealous of our teen but super jealous of our cat! Both Diane and Heidi at Holistic Hounds in Berkeley are great dog whisperers. They gave me names of local trainers. Great that you are addressing these issues (you would be amazed at how many senior dogs are surrendered to shelters).