Dog trainer/behaviorist for puppy mill rescue / fearful, anxious

I adopted a pitbull puppy mill mom rescue four months ago, who was clearly in an abusive situation. She's around three years old. She has bonded closely to me, and is finally accepting my husband (more afraid of men than women), but is fearful/anxious around strangers and has some other behaviors that need work. She does not seem dog aggressive, but rather submissive and curious about other dogs. I assume she lived among dogs at the puppy mill but was not otherwise socialized.

I had intended to start socialization and training earlier but had a bad bout of sciatica followed by a fall/broken shoulder! 

Recommendations of trainers who use positive methods and work with dogs who have been traumatized would be most welcome. 

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I would highly recommend Ali Sutch with Up2Snuff! She currently has a training wait list but it tends to open up pretty quickly. She is really wonderful, and has a ton of experience with pitbulls and rescues. She's fear-free/force-free and uses positive reinforcement only.

 I trained with 2 different trainers before finding the Oakland Dog Training Center--- a lot of $ spent.  The ODT center is on Jacuzzi St--- ) I found Alberto and Lynn to be outstanding trainers. Because your dog has a history of abuse, perhaps Alberto is the one to start with.   My dog and I did group classes, 'though private lessons are also offered.  Seems the "beginners' class would be appropriate.  

All the best. 

Hi. Bravo Pup - they offer individual training (seems like what you'd need) and group classes. They're great and positive. 

Way to put in the effort and be a great dog parent! Best of luck to you.

Alex Militar (415) 336-3275 is an outstanding trainer for traumatized/nervous/aggressive dogs. When at age 2 my dog chased a jogger and then a kid, I became concerned. Initially I worked with a trainer who has a PHD; after 2 sessions that totaled $600. This trainer felt my dog was potentially dangerous and recommended many more sessions. But I was not convinced the strategies I was told to use were right for my dog. So I asked the owner of Alpha Pet for a trainer recommendations, which is how I found Alex. Prior to coming over, Alex had me fill out a questionnaire. At our house he observed my dog for about 30 minutes, and then we went for a walk. Alex told me my dog was not aggressive but easily overstimulated by other dogs. Both times she'd chased people she'd been among a group of dogs. The instructions Alex gave me made total sense. Upon leaving he told me it was unlikely I'd need his services again, he subsequently emailed me a 3 page summary, and he readily answered 1 follow-up question of mine. For all this I paid 1 time for his services, and his fee was very reasonable. I subsequently recommended him to the rescue organization through which I got my dog, and their dog expert was equally impressed and recommended him to others.

My dog is a playful sweetheart but she's fearful in some situations. She's 7 now, and knowing that she's unpredictable, I assess every situation before l let her greet another dog or let her off leash. I continue to reinforce her recall. I carry high value treats at all times. Owner confidence is key to a dog's confidence, Alex's guidance was pivotal. Traumatized/nervous/aggressive dogs are his specialty and focus of his practice Waggology.