Dog trainer in Berkeley area?

Any recommendations for a dog trainer in the Berkeley area? We just brought home a four-month-old puppy and would love some support training her. Thank you in advance for your help!

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I highly recommend Kathy Kear with Cause and Effect Dog Training:

She helped us with our anxiety-ridden 10-year-old pitmix a few years ago. We've taken our dog to two other trainers over the years, and Kathy is by far the best. 

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Check out the Oakland Dog Training place, located on Jacuzzi (which T's into Central---on your way to Richmond Costco). My dog Queenie and I worked with Lynn in obedience training and with Albert in scent work.  We tried other trainers but feel that ODT is best.  Also look on youtube:  for Zak's revolution training (very positive approach) I learned a lot from him. PLEASE stay away from Cesar Millan; his is a negative approach.   

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I’d like to recommend Alex at He has spent years working with all kinds of different animals and has developed a real expertise in animal training. He’s worked at zoos, aquariums and with rescue dogs. He is gentle, kind and knowledgeable. I think he would do an excellent job with your dog, he certainly did with mine! He’s very positive in his training methods. I highly recommend him.