Dog sitting/house sitter Recommendations

We are needing a dog sitter to stay at our place in early January for 3 nights. Our dog is just over a year and very energetic. She needs a lot of attention and a couple of walks per day. We live in a clean, comfortable 2 bedroom Apt in the Elmwood District. We also have a very mellow cat who will require little care beyond feeding. Prefer someone who can be around much of the day and/or works from home. 

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Doggy llama based out of Oakland - they are top notch. I also recently discovered Trusted house sitters which matches people with house/ pet sitters. We have gone away 4 times in the past year and have had great luck with both services. Trusted housesitters is cheaper but if you are only going away for a few days it might be worth your piece of mind to use doggy llama…. 

Check and Both have loads of great options and much more effective than posting on BPN.

Joy Parsons, 9253006494. 10 year ARf volunteer, drop in live in options + experience with special needs pet. Shes the sweetest! Give her a buzz

I used Pat Murray while I was away over Christmas and she was great with my little Jack Russel mix.  Pat works from home and enjoys long walks every day.  She sent me a video of Ivy every day I was away.  Pat prefers small dogs or dogs who are good on leash.  Pat's number is (917) 689-7287.

We used Aaron Parker of No Bark and he was wonderful. Our dog (80 lb Pit-Husky puppy) needs near constant supervision and lots of long walks. He sent us pictures and kept us informed of everything and kept our house neat and tidy. Our dog was super happy with him

aaronparker030 [at] or 510-439-7924