Does your ASD daughter thrive socially? If so what school?


If anyone has a girl with Aspergers (mine is in 1st grade and 2e) who has found a school that allows her to make (and keep) friends please can you reach out to me? Our daughter has zero outward signs of autism, except in areas where she is constantly rejected by friends. She's VERY social, kind, overall lovely disposition but has become quite defeated here. We are trying to decide on schools and my biggest concern is that she finds friends and isn't excluded. Below are some schools we are exploring:

Burkard, Aurora, Crestmont, Berkwood Hedge, Star Academy, Core Academy, Saklan

Any knowledge of the above or other schools where your daughter has thrived would be a huge help, we've been trying to get answers for a long time now. 

Thanks so much!

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Hello, I just wanted to add that you may want to explore Walden Center & School in Berkeley. It's a very small, arts-oriented school that values individuality. It's worth a look!