Doctor who prescribes Armour Thyroid

I have had a doctor in Los Angeles for 10-15 years to treat my hashimotos thyroid disease. Now with COVID it is inconvenient to go there. I am looking for a new endocrinologist in the Bay Area. In particular, I would like to find a doctor who prescribes Armour as I have been on that for many years. I know many doctors only prescribe Synthroid. many thanks. 

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If you have been stable on Armour, you might do ok with a primary care doctor. The MD that was monitoring my thyroid and prescribing Naturthroid then Armour retired, but my primary care physician has been willing to oversee my thyroid care (and prescribe Armour) since then. 

Hello Momma29; I also have Hashimoto.  Having moved to Berkeley in 2010, I gave up looking for an Endocrinologist in East Bay who will RX Armour thyroid or any porcine-based thyroid medication. I saw a popular endocrinologist here in Berkeley and traveled all the way to SF to see a well-known endo there. Nada.  In fact, in both cases they poopooed anything but Synthroid or Levoxyl. Both of which make my face swell up like a pumpkin.    I recommend Dr.  Julie Goo at Berkeley Family Practice. She knows about testing for T3 and T4, etc.  And she's a wonderfully warm person....who gives hugs....well, before Covid, and surely after Covid, they'll be offered again.

   Otherwise, if you can wait ---a long time--- to see the Sutter-connected integrative/functional doctor Dr. Akila Palanisamy . He is awesome.  Also has an office in Sacramento.

   Another idea is to call Pharmaca (Berkeley) and/or Kosher (SF) & ask them names of doctors who prescribed Armour.  (I use NP Thyroid)

   All the best.