Doctor w/ expertise in new weight loss medications

I'm helping a family member look for a doctor with expertise in the new types of weight loss medications.  This is for someone suffering adverse health consequences of obesity, despite years of hard work on exercise, diet, therapy, etc.  There are new medications out but the primary care doctors don't seem very knowledgeable about them.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a doctor who could help determine and prescribe the correct medication for this individual?  Thanks so much! 

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Hi EC Mama,

I was in your loved one's exact shoes until a few months ago. I have finally found Dr. Jennifer Black, who is in the San Diego area but does virtual appointments. That's how I see her. She/her clinic is an in-network obesity and internal medicine specialist with my Anthem Blue Cross PPO.

My life has changed significantly, for the better, since I became her patient. I am hopeful and seeing results after decades of the opposite. Dr. Black applies zero pressure. It's about the patient and their needs, nothing else. I wish your loved one the very best.