Doctor for Botox in East Bay

I am looking for a doctor (ideally cosmetic dermatologist) offering Botox/dysport in the East Bay. If anyone has personal experience with someone in East Bay I would be very grateful for recommendations.

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I really love Dr. Barbara Persons in Lafayette. I live in Berkeley and work in Oakland. I find it quick and easy to get to her office. Also, she is plastic surgeon and does her own injections. I love being under the care of someone so talented. I think she charge $14-16 a unit. That is a tad cheaper than I paid in SF for a PA to do it at a plastic surgeons office.


Following to hear other recommendations. I’ve been going to HealthBay Medspa in Walnut Creek and happy with them.


Dr. Julia Graves is great. Relatively low cost and love her bedside manner. Botox appointments are quick.