Doctor for Botox in East Bay

I am looking for a doctor (ideally cosmetic dermatologist) offering Botox/dysport in the East Bay. If anyone has personal experience with someone in East Bay I would be very grateful for recommendations.

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I really love Dr. Barbara Persons in Lafayette. I live in Berkeley and work in Oakland. I find it quick and easy to get to her office. Also, she is plastic surgeon and does her own injections. I love being under the care of someone so talented. I think she charge $14-16 a unit. That is a tad cheaper than I paid in SF for a PA to do it at a plastic surgeons office.

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Following to hear other recommendations. I’ve been going to HealthBay Medspa in Walnut Creek and happy with them.

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Dr. Julia Graves is great. Relatively low cost and love her bedside manner. Botox appointments are quick.