Do credit cards really protect you re. Summer camp bankruptcy?

I saw on BPN that credit cards protect you/offer refunds on bankrupted businesses--thinking specifically of Sarah's Science. Has anyone had success getting money back via their credit card from Sarah's Science? Or Galileo? Thanks!

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I disputed the Galileo charge and my credit card company did not make me pay it. Not sure what others’ experience has been. 

I was successfully refunded the money I paid last summer towards Galileo summer camp from my credit card (Chase Visa). I just filed a dispute and went through their process. 

Yes, we filed a dispute with Capital One when Camp Galileo cancelled, and they refunded our money. Some credit cards companies are good about this, and others will make you go through hell to get your money.

Our credit card company refunded us for a canceled camp last summer when no refund was offered and the company went bankrupt. But we filed for it within a few months of the original charge (and only after reaching out to the company and getting no response). Not sure if you could challenge a charge now from last spring and be successful, though.