Diwali celebrations 2022

Hello. I am looking for recommendations for any kid-friendly Diwali celebrations happening in the Berkeley-Oakland area this year. We are aware of the larger festivals and markets in Fremont. Our toddler just turned 2 and we would be open to collaborating and celebrating at a park in Berkeley if any other families are interested. 

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RE: Diwali celebrations 2022 ()

Hello. I would certainly be open to collaborating in future years, or coordinating for other festivals. This year I'll be having my second child around that time, so I won't be able to celebrate or attend events,. This is something I've been hoping to see happen in the East Bay or wanting to organize myself once I have a critical mass of families with young kids that celebrate. I have an almost 2 YO and who now has a few Indian friends her age in Berk-Oak. I am under the impression that these families are in the same boat as us; not enough community with children in the immediate East Bay to throw Diwali celebration. So, in the future, YES, I can help organize this. Just not this year as baby is due shortly before Diwali.