Divorce lawyer willing to work on a fixed fee?

My friend (male) needs a good divorce lawyer willing to work on a fixed fee. Friend is low income and his wife has all the marital assets. Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Smokey - I've never heard of a divorce attorney who worked on a fixed fee. Recommend mediation rather than attorney. a mediator's focus is on reconciliation rather than grabbing as much of the assets as possible for their client. Mediation is much cheaper than divorce attorneys. Your friend is in luck if he is in California - this is a community property state. His wife will owe him spousal support depending on how long they have been married. A mediator will explain the law to both parties simultaneously with an eye to reaching an agreement. 6y ears ago we used Eva Herzer on Peralta Ave in Berkeley right off Solano Ave. Good luck.