Divorce attorney needed to protect children from alcoholic dad

I live in Contra Costa County and seeking a family law Divorce attorney who has experience with: Domestic Violence, Alcoholism, Child Protection.  My husband is an alcoholic policeman (access to a gun) who is also suicidal and has anger issues.  He expressed interest in committing suicide twice this year via a gun and a noose while he was drunk. He's depressed, possibly mentally ill and could be dangerous while under the influence.  I refuse for myself and my girls (8 & 10 yrs.old)  to live amongst this chaos any longer and am preparing to divorce him, carefully.  I suspect when he finds out, he will hit rock bottom with his addiction to alcohol, thus losing his job and we may even need to go to a shelter for safety.   If anyone out there knows of an attorney that has experience in these types of cases, I would be forever grateful for your referral.   I need to protect my girls, Thank you.

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If you haven't already been in touch with them, please get in touch with STAND!  They can recommend a lawyer for you.  They also have a "one-stop shop" set up (I think it's somewhere in Concord?) where you can get a lawyer, find a shelter, apply for a restraining order, etc., all at once.  Their number is 1-888-215-5555.  I have worked with them many times over the years and they are a great organization.