How diverse are Albany public schools?

Hi, we are looking to move back to Alameda County after a serious of pretty ugly and racist incidents at our school in Contra Costa County. I'm looking for some feedback about how diverse Albany high and the elementary schools are.  Or any feedback about how they handle bullying or racism. Thanks!

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I know you asked about Albany, but El Cerrito schools Harding, Fairmont, Korematsu and ECHS are so diverse that there is no majority ethnicity (a rarity nationwide in districts with neighborhood schools). Not to say that racism in some form can't happen anywhere no matter how diverse; my non-white child has not experienced racism, sexism or bullying in 17 years of El Cerrito schools. Also, a successful student will likely be successful anywhere, don't think you need to choose schools based on test scores (I think less diverse schools may have higher test scores). ECHS has many UC-bound students and great music, dance and debate programs, and a lot more.

My child started in the Albany School District in kindergarten and is now at AHS. The schools' staff at all three schools they attended have worked hard to instill a sense of respect for all people, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. Albany is not truly racially nor socio-economically diverse. It is mostly white, Asian and middle class, but the kids here are really tolerant. I asked my child for their input, and they said that they just participated in an assembly at the high school about the impact on bullying.