Dissertation writing group and/or sharing a coworking space?

Hi, I am getting ready to start writing again, and wondering if anyone in the east bay is in a similar place and looking for someone to hold themselves accountable for regular writing times. I am flexible with the time every day.

I am also considering getting a desk at one of the coworking places (impact hub, wework, etc). So anyone might be interested in that? 


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Not sure if you're looking for an online writing group, but have you heard of Academic Muse? The coordinator (a prof at UC Davis) runs it, and manages/moderates groups of dissertators/other academics to hold each other accountable for daily writing progress. I used it for about six months when finishing up my diss, and it was helpful in keeping me honest. It also has a great chat function, so we'd hold writing sessions together online. The community was endlessly supportive, and because it's anonymous (unless you choose to reveal yourself), it also felt like a safe space to share some of the frustrations, difficulties, politics, etc. that go with finishing up a PhD. Good luck!