Dishwasher conundrum

Our dishwasher of 29 years expired and so we need to buy another. The big problem is that the new ones require a cabinet width of 24 inches but our existing one is 23 3/4 inches wide The narrowest models are 23 9/16 wide and we have 23 12/16 to offer. Two different installers have declined to put in a new one as they are afraid they might damage the unit and, unfortunately, the present cabinet can not be modified. Hence, we are looking for an expert installer who is not fearful of tackling the job and has enough experience to do so. Is there someone you can recommend to assist us in replacing our existing dishwasher? We would be very grateful.

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If you are willing to get a smaller dishwasher - Miele makes a 19” dishwasher that works great for our family of 3. We love it. Good luck. 

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We splurged for a Miele dishwasher in a similar situation because it was the narrowest we found--it requires 23 5/8" clearance in the opening, which it sounds like you have. They aren't cheap but we've been happy with it (we have the bare bones base model) and it was well worth it in our case since we didn't have the extra half inch to give. No suggestions on installers--we installed ours ourselves, and it was pretty straightforward--but if you find a model with specs that fit your opening, I suspect it will be much easier to find someone willing to install it. Miele also has their own installers if you go that route (though I assume they are also not cheap!)

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I will put in a third recommendation for the Miele which in the full size model requires only 23-5/8” opening. For installation, I recommend Chris Leid 707-816-7644. He is a Miele certified installer and had pretty reasonable prices. He can install other brands as well, so you might call him and see if he’s willing to install a different brand machine in your undersized opening before buying. He was booked a month out when we used him, so plan on waiting a bit.