Difficulty finding contractor for double bath remodel - need recommendations!

I know that similar questions are often posed but I wanted to ask for a very specific recommendation. Anyone know a good contractor who is licensed, bonded and insured who might do a double bathroom remodel for $40k all in ($20k per bathroom)? I realize it's impossible to estimate costs without knowing details of the plans, but I'm sharing our budget to give a ballpark idea of what we're looking for. I've had an insane time trying to hire someone. First guy came back after 5+ weeks (took forever and wasn't responsive) with $36k for just labor + rough materials (no countertops, tiles, shower doors, etc), second guy provided a good bid but couldn't come up with a single reference and ultimately stopped responding to our gentle follow up requests. I started the process over again - next guy came back after a few weeks to say his company was only taking on projects of $250k or more (fine but would have been good to know that first?!). Finally I thought I'd found the right guy but turns out he is NOT licensed (said he was). We have approved plans from the city and we're ready to go. Just need to find a contractor.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 

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Try Reimundo at RP Builders.  We used him for a kitchen remodel but if you just need a basic bathroom remodel (countertops, tile, etc.) I think he would be good for a quick/easy bathroom remodel.  If you need more than basic stuff (eg. electric work, etc.), it makes sense your bids are higher.


I don't have any recommendations to offer, only commiseration. There is so much demand for construction work in the greater Bay Area right now, even halfway decent contractors are swimming in work and can pick and choose the jobs they want to do. It's very difficult to get anyone on the phone, and I sympathize with your situation. Unless you have a friend in the biz, your options boil down to: (1) wait until the demand dies down, which could take years; or (2) pay more than others are willing to pay. 

Try E&J Builders, at (510) 328-1120. I don't know what their availability is, but Eric should be able to tell you in one phone call. He's done work at our house in Montclair and he's just a really good guy. He's licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Yes! Check out Priyam Sawhney's work, she is fabulous to work with! https://www.houzz.com/pro/prisaw/konstructo-inc I worked with Priyam in 2015, she helped increase the size of my master bath along with updating the paint, fixtures, and closets of our bedroom. She is organized, has great people who work for her, she is honest and up-front and overall really great to talk to and work with.