Did you have a great experience with your bathroom remodel?

I am looking for current recommendations for a contractor to remodel our bathroom in Rockridge. Archives are old and I know it is hard to get good people now. Please let me know how communications took place, if they were clean, quality of the work, if they had good subcontractors, did budget increase, did they complete the work on time or within a reasonable amount of time, anything else I should care about? Thank you!

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You'll probably get a bunch of responses to this question but my wife and I used Chris Orr when I had my bathroom completely remodeled a year ago (completely down to the studs with new electrical, re-routing of all plumbing, new window etc). He's a licensed general contractor and his prices were very affordable. One of the reasons for this is that he does not use subcontractors. He has a team of 2-3 guys (another Chris, Keith and his nephew if my memory serves) that do all of the work (electrical, plumbing, dry wall etc) and he reuses items whenever feasible. He's also a carpenter and was able to build built-in shelving as well as a really nice medicine cabinet. All of the work was permitted. We had (at the time) a 1-year old so he was very conscious of keeping the house clean at the end of the work day. We liked him so much that when our house was broken into recently we had him come over to repair the damage. He was able to save us a lot of money by repairing the damage instead of replacing the items. His number is (510) 517-0493 and his email is orrgeneralcontractor [at] gmail.com. To answer your other questions, communication was usually by phone or text, the budget did increase slightly but mainly because we decided to go with more expensive finishes and work was done in a reasonable amount of time.

Andy Brucker, Brucker Builders. 

He remodeled 3.5 baths for me and was a joy to work with. 

Please check to be sure any contractor you choose has a valid contractor license at the state of California Contractor website.  Check for the number of complaints too. Gelu Ilie does not have a California contractor license and his website says his company does tile work only.  He cannot legally do general remodeling unless he has a California state contractor license.