Development gymnastics programs?

Does anyone have any experience with the development classes at Head Over Heels gymnastics in Emeryville or the development gymnastics classes at Golden Bear at Berkeley? We are looking for a class that teaches more skill and technique than the recreational classes have to offer but also keeps the classes fun!   My daughter wants to learn more and has has natural talent, but we don't want anything too intense or stressful for her right now. Any insight into those gyms would be appreciated! Trying to decide between the two...or some third option....or just staying recreational.


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My daughter was on a compulsory team at Golden Bears, and it ended up being too demanding timewise for her and she chose to switch to the Xcel program. If you are not familiar with it, Xcel is a competitive program, but much less demanding and more relaxed than the Junior Olympic compulsory levels. They still compete, but the system is more flexible in terms of what skills you learn when, and the practice time every week is a third of her former team. She is loving it and having a great time- it's a perfect medium for kids who are serious about gymnastics but don't want it to take over their whole lives. Both Head Over Heels and Golden Bears offer Xcel teams. We've been very happy with the program at Golden Bears.