Determining water quality

I ran a bath in my new apartment and the water came out blue. The internet told me this was most likely copper corrosion but when I did a water quality test, the copper results were within normal range. The pH level was unusually low, though. How does this square? Are there any other possible explanations for the blue color? And should I be worried about the low pH and why? 

I let my landlord know about it and he is looking into a few possible things, but for my own peace of mind, I would like to do a little detective work myself. 

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I would generally trust the World Health Organization, here is a paper from them on pH levels, There is a lot of fake news out there with the goal of selling water treatment products. The Bay Area has excellent water, EBMUD recommends using only certified labs to test for specific contaminants, the info is here:

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HI-- Water quality is big for me.  We can have excellent water coming up to our residence but if the pipes are inferior on our property, in our home/apt, then that changes everything.  Having a child with learning disabilities, etc. I didn't want to take any changes.  The only way to find out what you're actually drinking is have it lab tested.  Quickly googling, I found this link that may be of help for you.  I'm sure there are other, reliable, labs out there.   --- it takes you to "National Testing Labs" that's certified to test Calif's water.  (What we do--as renters-- is depend upon a purification system, which I found after hours of research.)