Dermatologist for minor adult acne

Looking for recommendation for dermatologist in Albany or Berkeley that can help with occasional adult acne. My dermatologist in FIDI closed his office, so I am looking for someone closer to home. Looking for someone in United Health Care network. Thank you.   

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Icecreamderm has been great -

I have gone to both Face Realty and when they moved south to Oakland Acne Studio. Both fantastic!! Julie at OAS trained with Face Reality. Years or derms and expensive facials and terrible medicine did not provide consistent relief but I’ve had consistently good skin for 15 years now.

Hi there, I don't know if she is in your insurance's network, but I see Camilla McCalmont MD ( She is a medical dermatologist so her office (located in El Cerrito) is not full of products, and she never tries to sell treatments, etc. Very straight forward and kind.

Good luck!

Love Dr. Kathy Fang at Golden State Dermatology in Albany!