Derm recommendation for skin checks?

Does anyone have a dermatologist in the East Bay they'd recommend for annual skin/mole checks? I have Kaiser, but don't feel confident in going to them just for this (please let me know if you have experience otherwise!). I'm looking for just an annual visit to a derm who will do a full-body check and keep track of any changes in moles, etc. I'm in Oakland but willing to drive a bit.

Thank you!

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This is the bread and butter of dermatologists. Most primary care providers can do it too. I don’t have specific recommendations for Kaiser but I’d stick with your in-network options rather than paying out of pocket. 

I do not have experience with Kaiser but have been receiving care through Dr Cornelia Pessoa and her NP Helen Chodsky which I feel has been very thorough over the years to track my many many moles. I go to their South Berkeley office which is now part of this practice:

I swear by Dr. Vikas Patel at Golden State Dermatology, 2255 Ygnacio Valley Road [a little ways past John Muit Medical Center] in Walnut Creek.  He's efficient, on time, very friendly, and good at explaining what needs and what can be ignored.  Well worth the drive.  (925) 945-7005

I highly recommend Dr Denianke, Dermatologist at Kaiser. I saw him in Richmond but think he sees patients in Oakland too. He was excellent. Thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. My understanding is that your primary care doctor must refer you to Dermotology (once referred you can see and/or email for at least two years). If you decide to go outside of Kaiser, go to Dr. Camilla McCalmont on Fairmont near the El Cerrito Plaza (510-527-8865). She is fantastic as well (went to her for many years before joining Kaiser a few years ago). Coincidentally, Dr McCalmont was Dr Denianke’s first dermatologist (many years ago when she was at Kaiser)!

I just saw Dr. Silke Heinisch for the first time yesterday for this. She's with Sutter Health and I saw her at an office in Berkeley near Alta Bates. It was my first time seeing a dermatologist and found her easy to talk to, collaborative and encouraging rather than shaming around my struggles to use sunscreen as I should. I had one mole removed and that went smoothly. I'd recommend her. 

In my experience, Kaiser Oakland is great for this. Just ask your PCP for a referral and the derm clinic will see you annually for this. I have seen a few people and they were all competent and helpful.  

I see Dr. Terri Dunn at AllSkin Dermatology on Telegraph in Berkeley ( She is great - very thorough, but doesn't try to push treatments (unless needed) or cosmetic improvements. I don't know the pricing because my insurance pays, but I think she is worth it.

Since you're willing to go outside of Kaiser and drive a bit, I highly recommend Dr. Arianna Browne in Orinda.  Her office is near the Orinda exit off 24 at 8 Camino Encinas.  I have to have skin checks twice a year; I've seen several dermatologists in the last 10 years, and no one has been as thorough as Dr. Browne.  No one.  925-317-1180. 

Kaiser derm will check your moles.  If they determine the mole is harmless, you may have to pay a bit to get it removed.