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My kids are on DeltaCare USA through Kaiser, and I'm really struggling to find a dentist for them who a) doesn't have terrible reviews and b) has appointments available. The one office I liked said in July that they were scheduling for November at that point, and that's just to get an initial visit to be referred to an oral surgeon for some extractions we need done. I'm at my wit's end - are there any decent dentists who take DeltaCare AND new patients? Even better if they can do extractions in-house, but we'll take what we can get at this point. It doesn't need to be a pediatric dentist. We're in Oakland but willing to drive just about anywhere in the Bay Area to make it work.

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Honestly, I'd grab the November appointment as you continue your search. Our family goes to three different practices, and like most, all three closed for three months and two just reopened in June, so they're catching up on a three-month backlog. The third still hasn't reopened. In normal times, our kids' practice schedules several months out, so November sounds just about right. That said, many families are opting to cancel in the current climate, so if you get on a cancellation call list, you may be able to grab a much earlier time slot.

My teen daughter has the same insurance and has been seen once at Bright Now Dental on Edgewater in Oakland near the airport. They were fine, she needed a referral to get her wisdom teeth removed. I then found Pinole Oral Surgery by calling DeltaCare which was one of only two oral surgeons in the entire bay area accepting new patients. They were great, my daughter had her wisdom teeth removed a month ago by Dr. Clayman and all went well. Because of COVID we have not been to Bright Now Dental for a cleaning yet. The oral surgery was really needed as she was in a lot of pain.