Dentist for phobic young adult

ISO DENTIST who is responsive to extreme dentist anxiety.  My young adult daughter with sensory and anxiety issues has finally been "graduated" by the pediatric dentist she has seen since she was a toddler.  She needs a dentist who is respectful of her extreme sensory and anxiety issues as well as propensity to cavities,  Must be willing to use nitrous for cleaning and light sedation for fillings, bonus for allowing or offering screens for distraction.  Recommendations?  (I did see recent referrals for dentists but not specializing in hyper-sensory sensitivity / anxiety.) Oakland/Berkeley or broader east bay preferred.  THANK YOU.  

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I highly recommend Dr. Erwin Yeh in Berkeley. He is incredibly gentle and takes the time to explain everything he’s doing. Patients can use nitrous for cleanings, if they need it.