Dentist good for nursing toddlers

Hi! I’m seeking recommendations for a good pediatric dentist in the area. My toddler is 18 mos with many teeth, still nursing at night (breastmilk contains sugar!), and has yet to see a dentist.

My dentist recommended Aloha but nobody specific by name. I’d like a dentist that is great with toddlers and is TRUSTWORTHY. (Not necessarily at Aloha.)

Also, if you had a bad experience with someone, I’d appreciate knowing who to stay away from (please message me in private).

We have Delta dental insurance.

Thank you!!!

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My 2 y/o just had his first dentist visit with Dr. Nick, My nephew & niece also go to Dr. Nick and he and the staff are so friendly and don't push too much. They don't have a ton of availability b/c of COVID, so you may need to book out at least a month in advance.

Hi! I can absolutely recommend Aloha Pediatric Dentistry for breastfeeding toddlers (and older kids), and more specifically recommend Dr. Ruehe in the Telegraph office. She's just SO LOVELY. Her approach (and that of the dental hygienists) is calm, confident, and conservative - my son has a little "pre-cavity" between his upper central incisors (likely from nursing) and she's ok to watch it for now - we're not jumping to repairs or anything. The teeth and roots are still healthy. I'd call Aloha to ask about the Delta Dental - I think they just stopped being "in-network", but we're going to stick with them, even if it means paying up front and submitting claims afterwards (and potentially paying a little more) because we love them so much. P.S. my son nursed until 3.5 years old and there was zero pushback from Dr. Ruehe about it from the dental perspective... 

My baby goes to Little Gold Fish in Oakland with Dr. Ruben Espinoza

He is a pediatric dentist and he is very nice