Dental implant for root resorption

I found out recently that the root of one of my molars has a resorption (i.e., a rare condition where the tooth is not growing properly and a hole is developing as a result). I’ve talked to a few specialists and the agreement is that I will need an implant once it becomes painful and/or spreads to the bone. I’m also told that either a periodontist or an oral surgeon can place the implant. Looking for recommendations on who should do the procedures, as well as any other pros, cons, advice, and commiseration re: dental implants and tooth resorption! Thanks in advance. 

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I also had this about a year ago (root resorption in a back molar that required tooth removal and an implant), and had the implant done in Walnut Creek (where I live). Mine was quite advanced (I'd been pregnant and so had not received x-rays at my last cleanings), and I had no choice but to remove the tooth immediately, although I was told that it's really best to remove the tooth right away regardless, since the more progressed the resorption becomes, the more difficult the extraction becomes, and the chance of the implant failing also increases due to bone loss. I was happy with the care I received, so glad to recommend for a consult, if that's helpful to you. Or, I'd you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Although I'm just a sample size of one, my impression is that this is a pretty rare condition.

Good luck, and sorry this happened to you. It was an unpleasant surprise for me, since it was completely painless and I had no idea!

Best wishes,
Devon D

I highly recommend Dr. Mobati at Berkeley-Orinda Oral Surgery. My first implant--and hopefully last I am a huge dental wimp so I was very apprehensive. The procedure was painless (really) and I took Ibuprofin once or twice afterwards. I know my experience may not be typical, but the extraction was painless with little side effects and placing the implant was likewise painless. The two appointments were months apart. Now I  have to find a dentist to make the actual tooth since my dentist retired during all of this!  The only thing painful was the cost. Yikes!

Sorry for your situation! After postponing x-rays for a few years, my latest indicated a resorption problem that needed to be addressed. I was not experiencing pain and probably would not have noticed until it became an emergency. I preferred to be pro-active. After an exam and 3D imaging, the root canal specialists were not able to confidently advise that a root canal would do the trick, so in mid-October I proceeded to Berkeley-Orinda Oral Surgery for tooth extraction in preparation for implant. The extraction was not nearly as bad as I expected, with substantial local anesthetic and gas to calm nerves. I was able to recover quickly, with only 2 days of tylenol. The stitches come out on their own after a week to 10 days.The clinic was clean and calm and everyone observed safety precautions to the extent possible. I recommend Dr. Mobati. I'm in the healing period prior to implant, so I can't speak to the rest of the procedure, but I can say that the most painful part is not having dental insurance! The entire procedure will be $3,500+. And it's still weird to have a hole where a tooth used to be, makes me more grateful to be wearing a mask! Good luck!

My husband had this in the front of this mouth.  He worked with an oral surgeon named Dr. Pasquinelli in SF. I'm sure each case is different.  I'm thinking that you should get a consult ASAP and may not want to wait until pain or bone problems.  The better shape that your bone is in, the easier it will be to get an implant.   My husband required a bone graft and that's what ended up requiring several surgeries, waiting for the graft to "take", etc. in order to be able to even get an implant. 

I have worked with Walnut Creek Prosthodontics for three separate implants over the past several years as well as one about 18 years ago. All are still fine and work well. The procedure is multifaceted and can take up to a year due to several months healing between the stages. The doctors are well-trained and do an excellent job in all respects as they pride themselves on being perfectionists. I have had both molars and front teeth replaced with implants and they all have been successful with no negative side effects. If I needed another one I would use this same practice with no hesitation. Their number is 925-934-5526.

I didn't have quite the same issue, but needed a replacement dental implant because the first one I got didn't stick and the bone around it was deteriorating. It's a tooth in the front of my. mouth, so I wanted it to look good! I went to Kirk Pasquinelli in SF for a bone graft/implant.The process took more than a year. He's considered the best - he trains other periodontists. But he's also very pricey, doesn't take insurance, and tries to upsell. I went to him for years after the implant, though, and he really took good care of me! Now I see Ryan Horn in Berkeley - he's done some gum grafting for me. He has great chairside manner, takes my insurance, and doesn't upset. But I don't have implant experience w/ him.

Thank you all for the support and recommendations!!