Dental cleaning/exam: how much do you pay?

How much do you pay for a routine dental visit: cleaning and exam? I'm looking for a reality check. I've been seeing the same dentist, in Elmwood, for about 8 years, and really like them. But, I'm starting to wonder if this office's rates are abnormally high. I don't have dental insurance right now, and paid $170 out of pocket yesterday for a cleaning and (short) exam. At a previous visit, I asked if they have a cash price for those without insurance and the receptionist looked at me like I was crazy. When I did have insurance, the insurance only covered a "usual and customary" amount and this office's charges were above that, so I still had to pay some out of pocket for routine care. Would love to hear if these charges seem to be in line with what you pay. Thanks.

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I think I pay $190 for a routine cleaning and exam (takes about 50 min.) I think my insurance pays all but about $20 of this.  So the charges sound fine to me, but I don't think the receptionist should act as though you're crazy for asking about a cash price.  If I were you, I'd ask the dentist directly -- it's his/her business. 

It's a shock, right? I think the price sounds about right. My DS had a recent cleaning/checkup and fluoride treatment and it was $225. My dentist does take 5% off for cash payment, so not sure why they gave you attitude, that seems pretty common.

Back when I didn't have dental insurance (approx. 3-4 years ago), my dentist charged a cash price of $99 for a cleaning and exam. More for x-rays, of course. They were pretty awesome about being mindful of my out-of-pocket expenses and provide excellent care in general. (I've been going there for 10-ish years.) Dr. Barry Kami on University Ave in Berkeley. It's a big practice and you don't get a ton of time with the dentist himself, but I've always gotten terrific care from the hygienists there as well. 

I just paid $140 for a cleaning with the hygienist, did not see Dr. Penelope Yip, in Oakland, across from Whole Foods. I left my dentist of many years in San Francisco because his fees were skyrocketing, over $300 for cleaning and brief dr visit. He did, however, offer a cash discount of 5%.