Deck design and build with permits in Berkeley

We are looking for recommendations for either design-build firms or separate architects and contractors who would be willing to work on a deck project done with permits in the city of Berkeley. Because we want to do the deck with permits, we will need actual plans to bring to the city so can't use just a general contractor. We have reached out to a couple people who were recommended on bpn including John Grivas and Matt Horn. Apparently the city of Berkeley permitting process is rigorous and turns contractors off. We were turned down by multiple people. We also contacted Canyon Design build firm and they said they don't do any projects under $75,000. !! We definitely want to do the project with permits for a variety of reasons. We know we may have to wait many months to a year in order to get on the books with someone we like and we are fine with that.

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I can highly recommend [email protected] Berkeley Design Construction

You can check out his website. I bet he can help you.

He did work for me and I could not have been more pleased with it.

We just had our decks (two levels w/ stairs and cable railing) designed and built by Omar Arauz of A+ Construction and would recommend them for another deck job w/ permits. Our backyard is a steep downslope so this was not a straight-forward job but they handled it very well. Phone: (415) 323-8421 Website: