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We have to redo our deck and are looking for advice from folks who have recently done any major work/repair.

Thanks in advance.

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Zeke Pratt has done great decking work for me. He is a licensed contractor, but will also do unpermitted work on something as harmless as a deck. My favorite thing about Zeke is that he has an eye for design, and comes up with improvements on what you thought you wanted. (Though he is also easygoing, and will never try to impose his will over yours.) He is just finishing up a wonderful cabin on my property, but will be available soon. His number is 510 289 5107.

An aside -- there is now more permanent material for decking than wood. It looks like wood but doesn't rot. I would go for this, over conventional wooden decking, so you don't have to replace the deck, like, ever.

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We just did extensive work on our house via Andrew Gregor and Blue Dog Construction and Renovation. You can find his work on Houzz under "Find a Pro" in add'n to his website. While they did not do our deck they did a lot of exterior work and was able to comment on my existing deck (built by someone else a few years ago) with how it could have been improved. Given the craftsmanship and overall experience, if we were to rebuild our two-story deck (that overlooks a treacherous down-slope in the Oakland hills) I would have his team do the job. Good luck!

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I used Urban Botanics in San Leandro and they built me a beautiful deck in just two weeks. It surpassed my expectations by far.