Holistic healthcare providers for PMDD


I'm slowly realizing that what has previously been diagnosed as anxiety/depression might actually be premenstrual dsyphoric disorder (PMDD). I talked with my Kaiser doctor and psychiatrist about it and they didn't have much to offer other than hormonal birth control or a SSRI. I'd like to explore more holistic approaches, such as acupuncture, herbs, specific exercise or diets, as well as social support from other women/parents who struggle with this. Any leads welcome, or personal messages if you have experience navigating this. Thanks! 

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Jamie Miller, L.Ac. specializes in treating anxiety and depression with traditional Chinese medicine and is experienced in treating women’s health issues.

I find her to be a great ally on my quest to achieve and maintain health.

Jamie's needling, massage, other treatments and interactions with me reflect her passion for healing.

She is mellow, an attentive listener, and a skillful communicator. She willingly shares her vast knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.

Jamie is an amazing acupunturist and all-around healer!

Her coordinates follow.

Cell : (831) 331-5598

Email : Jamiemilleracupuncture [at] gmail.com

Website : Opaldragonacu.com