Dealing with neurodiversity in an intimate relationship

Are there any support or therapy groups for those of us who are in families, marriages, or partnerships with high-functioning folks who have some degree of neurodiversity?

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There’s also this group for parents at

These are all online, but do have local chapters. 

Hope you find what you need!

What a compassionate question, both for yourself and your loved one. If ADHD or similar behaviors are present, I have a book to recommend: Married to Distraction by Edward Hallowell, or any of his other books that may be applicable. Dr. Hallowell is a leading researcher and clinician with both lived experience and professional expertise. I have found his books very helpful not only in building compassion and understanding, but also in offering skills and strategies that I have found to be very effective.

I can recommend the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) — They have lots of online support groups & 1:1 support for families, including for partners. Very nice, experienced folks. 

hi- my spouse has ADHD-- late diagnosed just this past year and it definitely impacted our relationship. there is a site called adhd and marriage that I found useful but also immersing myself in his condition. My son also has adhd and that is how we actually finally found out my husband did to. I didn't find a particular group but looked into a lot of information to find out how to be more compassionate and at the same time tolerant of our difference. Its still a work in progress but I am happy to discuss and provide any info I can in regards to my experience.