Daycare Tuition during shelter in place

I am wondering what other daycares in the area are doing in terms of tuition for April.  Ours was closed for 2.5 weeks in March when the pandemic started and we paid in full and no discount was offered.  For April, they are charging parents 50% of tuition while the daycare is closed.  i am curious what other daycares are doing for April (and I am asking specifically about Daycares, not preschools or private schools for older kids where teachers are offering online curriculums).  This is a really tough situation for everyone and I've seen a whole range, from full refund to charging full tuition so very curious to hear from more parents.  Thanks!

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Ours is also charging 50% to hold our spot. If we stopped paying she would lose her spot and our 1 month deposit. It really doesn't seem fair, but its what we have to do I guess!

Our is a small in home daycare and they left it to the parents to decide what to do.  We are paying in full since we can afford it, I believe some others are not paying or paying partially.  They are still open for essential workers so are not completely out of revenue since the kids of essential workers still attend and pay the full fees. 

Same situation for us: closed for 2 weeks in March, charged full tuition; charged 50% in April. The explanation was that this (and other measures) will allow the daycare to keep all the teachers employed. The teachers prepared some resources for us and recorded some “reading circles”.  

We are with Kindercare, and they are not charging while they are closed. They have been sending daily lesson plans too, but as my husband and I are working we haven't been doing them :)

It seems that some of the smaller daycares (mom and pop ones) are charging while larger ones aren't